Asian American men in New Jersey live longer than high life expectancy Hong Kong Women

Hong Kong has been the country in longevity for the past three years. Currently the life expectancy in Hong Kong is 81.7 years for men and 87.3 years for women. The combined life expectancy is 84.5 years. This is longer than people in Japan who ranked third in the world.

There are seven million people in the city of Hong Kong.

There are nearly 1 million Asian Americans in New Jersey and the life expectancy is 90.6 years for women and 88.07 years for men. The combined life expectancy is 89.37 years for Asian Americans in New Jersey.

The 20 million Asian Americans in the USA have a combined life expectancy of 86.37 years which is nearly two years longer than Hong Kong.

Even Asian American Men in New Jersey live longer than Hong Kong women

Here are some key points. It is possible for a city-sized population of men (500,000) to have a life expectancy longer than even the longest-lived women.

The Asian American men in Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida also live longer than Hong Kong women.

90-year life expectancy is possible for most people

Eat smart, have a positive attitude, become affluent or richer, take care of exercise and most people today can live to 90 or beyond. The people dying at 85 and 92 years now were born in the 1920s.

Those with university education also tend to live longer.