Details of China’s Three Prototypes of Exaflop Supercomputer Architectures

China is building three prototypes for exaflop supercomputers. Depei Qian gave a talk at SC18 is now available. China is building three prototypes with about 2 to 4 Petaflops of performance. The three systems are by Sugon, Tianhe and Sunway. The systems have upgraded processors, interconnects and cooling. China is upgrading its national high performance computing grid and developing improved supercomputing software capabilities. The prototypes have been completed. The prototype of China’s new-generation exascale supercomputer Tianhe-3 was completed first in July, 2018. The other two prototypes were completed late in 2018. The Sugon was completed in October, 2018 and the Sunway was done in August, 2018.

SOURCES- Depei Qian SC18 Youtube, Guancha, Xinhau

Written By Christina Wong.

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