Details of China’s Three Prototypes of Exaflop Supercomputer Architectures

China is building three prototypes for exaflop supercomputers. Depei Qian gave a talk at SC18 is now available. China is building three prototypes with about 2 to 4 Petaflops of performance. The three systems are by Sugon, Tianhe and Sunway. The systems have upgraded processors, interconnects and cooling. China is upgrading its national high performance computing grid and developing improved supercomputing software capabilities. The prototypes have been completed. The prototype of China’s new-generation exascale supercomputer Tianhe-3 was completed first in July, 2018. The other two prototypes were completed late in 2018. The Sugon was completed in October, 2018 and the Sunway was done in August, 2018.

SOURCES- Depei Qian SC18 Youtube, Guancha, Xinhau

Written By Christina Wong.

11 thoughts on “Details of China’s Three Prototypes of Exaflop Supercomputer Architectures”

  1. How to steal a Super Computer?? Only fools will say this.

    Please show documentary proof that the Chinese are stealing American Super Computer from Chinese official sources, but, not Ameican or Western or Japanese self-manufatured sources.

  2. The complexity of the new supercomputers is an indication of the failure to advance microprocessor technology. Each core is not getting any faster, and power consumption is not decreasing.

  3. Au contraire! Chinese researchers do the heavy lifting for US science: 55% of America’s peer-reviewed STEM papers have Chinese authors or co-authors.

    And what could they steal from the US? They’re already ahead in science and technology anyway.

    Besides, court records worldwide show that China has never stolen significant IP from anyone.

  4. what would huawei do if they ran China’s supercomputer program??? I bet behind closed door the CEO would be say.. hell yeah steal that NSF United States tax dollars from the American public spent on US research… haha… stupid American fund chinese supercomputer research

  5. I’m sure chinese super computer is an exact clone of something the United States NSF payed gobs of tax payers money to Research and develop with chinese and American grad students in the US… chinese always steal NSF research money from US tax payers… it’s as easy as loading the files onto a microSD card and uploading to chinese file sever….then presto 5-10 years of United States proprietary files and IP is instantly chinese… without needing to invest a penny…

  6. Looks like they’ll be using 2 phase immersion cooling. an improvement to be sure but I’m hoping the sci-fi days of cryo cooling will still result in massive gains. at least 25% more power efficient and possibly enabling faster linpack without the same degree of parrallelism. When it comes to these state funded ventures where performance is everything and price is no object, I can’t help but feel they’ll be holding themselves back.

    still, I think liquid cooling is probably going to eat the server world soon enough. it has to, for reasons of density alone. all the drawbacks will be dealt with for the sake of data center productivity.

  7. Christina Wong, was that screenshot name tooltip covering the title in the first image an accident or are you trying to cover up something.

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