Oisin and OncoSenX Antiaging Extends Life 20% Life Extension in Old Mice and Human Clinical Trial Early 2020

Oisin and its spinout OncoSenX completed antiaging trials using synolytics to extend the life of old mice by 20%. They will have human clinical trials starting in early 2020. They will apply it to people with solid tumors.

They use a lipid nanoparticle to deliver a DNA plasmid into sensescent (aka zombie) cells. The old cells are triggered to die and this boosts health and longevity.

At Ending Age-Related Diseases, John Lewis of Oisin Biotechnologies discussed senolytics, which are drugs that kill senescent cells. He explained the differences between healthy and senescent cells along with the senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP) responsible for systemic inflammation. He went into detail about senolytics and what his company looks for when creating them, including details about suicide genes and biomarkers of senescence. He also discussed issues with bringing these drugs to humans and suggested oncology as a possible method for bringing them to the clinic.