Coronavirus Deaths Undercounted Because of Scale of Italian Disaster

Giorgio Gori, mayor of Bergamo, told NBC News on Monday that the total deaths in Bergamo are three to four times higher than during an average year, signaling that the virus is killing many more people than medical authorities have reported.

Many people are unfortunately dying in their homes or in senior group homes.

NOTE: The Mayor is not saying that coronavirus deaths are three to four times higher than the coronavirus death count for Bergamo. He is saying that there are significant uncounted coronavirus deaths.

Bergamo is in Lombardy, Italy’s most affected region with official case counts of 27,206 cases and 3,456 deaths reported since the outbreak began.

A report from an Israeli doctor in Italy is that ventilation can no longer be applied to people over 60 in the hardest-hit areas. This is due to the hospitals having to triage with available beds, doctors and equipment.

The situation is likely worse in Iran than in Italy. Iran is not reporting the real situation.

SOURCES- Jerusalem Post, NBC
Written by Brian Wang,

4 thoughts on “Coronavirus Deaths Undercounted Because of Scale of Italian Disaster”

  1. Given that the major virus pandemics are decades apart, I agree that anyone who is old and frail now will probably not be alive after the next one.

  2. Maybe a few percent, but 3-400%, no way.
    Its more likely that the virus gives people with existing conditions too hard a push.
    It that death then caused by the original disease, or the coronavirus? I have to say the corona; they would still be alive for years if not for the corona.

  3. This is not necessary meaning that they are killed by the Coronavirus but maybe killed by other conditions and lack of care so indirect deaths. Lockdown by itself can be a killer.

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