New York on the Verge of Italy Level Coronavirus Crisis

Everyone needs to monitor your temperature, be sensitive to coronavirus symptoms.

Spain’s Coronavirus deaths has passed China’s.

Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and other European countries are about a week or two behind the current crisis situations.

New York Still Doubling Cases Every Three Days

Everyone who passes through or leaves New York must self-quarantine for 14 days.

The New York City metropolitan area as a high-risk area. The coronavirus case density is eight to ten times higher than other areas in the United States. However, if case doubling is every 3 days then another area could surge to match New York in ten days and if case doubling is every 5 days it would take 15 days. Case doubling every ten days would take thirty days for another area in the US to match New York’s current situation.

New York Governor Cuomo said that in New York City, new cases appeared to be doubling every three days. The crisis has already claimed the lives of more than 200 people statewide.

Contact Tracing and Stricter Isolation Protocols are Needed

Michigan has some counties and hospital systems nearing or hitting ICU and ventilator limits. Beaumont Health is caring for 635 patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19, putting pressure on the eight-hospital system as it nears capacity for staffing, protective equipment and ventilator.

Too Much Community Spread Means Spread to Senior Centers

There are more and more situations across the USA where someone gets sick in a nursing home. Soon, several residents and employees have the coronavirus.

In New Orleans and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, multiple deaths have been tied to senior centers. In Wisconsin, the National Guard was sent to help after a man died in a memory care unit and others were infected. Similar outbreaks have been reported in Ohio, in Colorado and in Bellingham, Wash., where 26 residents and six staff members at a nursing and rehabilitation center had been infected by Sunday.

At the start of March, Louisiana had not yet identified a single case of the coronavirus. By Tuesday morning, 1,388 Louisianans had been infected and at least 46 had died.

Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. Based on their timeline of interventions, I suspect New York is already into a downturn in percent new cases, soon to see reduced number of new cases, similar to Washington state.

    They’ll still have an ICU bed shortage though, I think.

  2. NYC is what happens when you cram people into a crowded urban area. You’ve got a blasted sardine can, and any opportunistic virus would have a field day!

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