US Passes 1000 Coronavirus Deaths

The US has 1032 COVID-19 coronavirus deaths.

The US, Spain and Italy will each be passing China’s 81,200 official case total in the next few days.

NBC New York reports the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have over 38,000 cases. New York has 33,000 cases. New York has 366 deaths from COVID-19.

The New York Tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) have 44% of the total USA COVID-19 deaths.

New York is doubling every two days on the deaths. The rest of the US is on a slower trend.

Written By Brian Wang,

27 thoughts on “US Passes 1000 Coronavirus Deaths”

  1. If only Trump hadn’t done that, the US would probably have done a much better job anticipating the virus and might now be in as good a shape as Europe.

    But I’m sure if we work hard at it, we can eventually catch up. We just need to keep the nation focused on what’s important: finding new ways to attack Trump, so whoever Joe Biden’s running mate will be can get elected.

  2. Seems obvious – you resume payments of principle and interest after 3 months. Your loan term is extended 3 months, so you end up paying just as much. The lender is out only the time value of money lent for those 3 months.

  3. Those poor unfortunate souls should sell less than 1% of those bonds to get enough to eat for 3 months.

    If the bonds were previously paying enough to also pay for a mortgage or rent (suspended), the percent they’d have to sell would be even less. If they didn’t have to pay for those, how did they come to own the place they’re living in? Was it inherited along with those bonds? Because apparently they never worked long enough to get social security, if they’re elders. Or maybe they retired young?

    I don’t know why, but I’m having trouble summoning up a lot of sympathy for these hypothetical bond holders…

  4. Social Distancing and Shelter in Place shouldn’t need to repeat on the current mass-scale basis if we get smarter about containment in areas where new cases gets low enough.

    I think the next natural evolution of social distancing could be ‘isolation zones’. No doubt you’ll see this as a plot to destroy civil rights. But it’d be an outcome of local governments not wanting to wait for other areas to get better to remove restrictions on their own area.

    Suppose your town has never had a case – should you remain shut down just because a big city 30 miles from you has cases? Would you NOT want to see your area’s restrictions removed, even if it meant you still aren’t allowed to travel to the big city?

    Or maybe your state gets down to zero cases, after diligently working at it. Do you want to remain in shutdown mode just because the state next door still has lots of active cases? I’m betting governors are going to want to get their state economies rolling again, and will want to close their borders to keep them safe.

  5. There were no pandemic people you dolt. The former head of the task force inside the CDC came out and debunked this very stupidity.

  6. So, 90 day freeze. What happens on day 91? Is everything due? Can I evict you from your home if you don’t pay your past 3 months rent? It does not work.

  7. And everyone whose income is based on interest payments stops eating for 3 months? (Think retired people with bond portfolios)

  8. cannot be trusted on anything. To divert attention they’re blaming China but we all know how US lies have led to the deaths of millions of people around the world. Lied about Vietnam, lied about Iraq, lied about Libya, lied about Iran, lied about Syria … lied about everything.

  9. Also inconveniencing maybe 100,000 people early on could have prevented the virus from getting a foothold in the US. They could have put everyone coming in on flights in 60 day quarantine and only allowed US citizens in at all and I mean a month before it was done. As soon as it was clear this was contagious in China… And 1 case in any other country and shut down the flights. The people in the ship(s)? Strait into 60 day quarantine. Maybe shortened to 40 days if the evidence backs that up. No self-quarantines. The real deal.
    We could have encouraged all the other countries in the Americas to do the same.
    The economy would still be up and humming.
    They were letting people in from Iran after China was blocked. I think that is where some of the California cases came from.
    The WHO gave abysmal advise. Too many countries followed it.
    They were threatening scientists who disagreed with their open boarders stupidity. If they would have gone 180 degrees and advised every country to stop all flights, it would have saved perhaps millions of lives. They need to be publicly derided…and fired. It is unclear how many people will be lost in the World, but 1 million is probably a low estimate. Probably somewhere between 5 and 50 million. Most of those probably in poor countries in a few months.

  10. Per capita is relevant to how bad an area gets hit, and to what measures are practical to control the spread.

    But once you’re forced into social distancing or shelter in place, the the active case growth rate is more relevant to how much longer SD/SIP has to be done. (Barring arrival of a sufficiently scalable immunization or cure, of course.)

  11. There is no known effective treatment.
    In case you haven’t noticed, reality rarely obeys Trump.
    A bigger study might give it more of a chance. However, the probability that it makes a massive difference is negligible.

    I want to see the vaccines hit testing immediately. And I’d like to see if DRACO antivirus does anything.

    And this:

  12. Then no one can buy anything on credit. And if you are saying there is just no intrest then that is unlawful seasure of that agreed on intrest. That violates the IV and V US Constitutional Amendments.

  13. Michigan did their shutdown in multiple stages – large gatherings Mar 13 on, schools Mar 16, etc. They didn’t go into “shelter in place” until Mar 23, which is stronger social distancing, which they had phased in from roughly Mar 16 on.

  14. Michigan didn’t do anything until Mar 23rd. EDIT: When its cases were 3x per capita of California

  15. 1000 deaths mean we are 0.03% of the way to the end.

    I remember a time during NYC budget crunch they decided to save a few millions by not painting the bridges. Keep doing that for years until it ended up costing billions to fix the bridges,

    Penny wise, pound foolish.

    I wonder how much money the Trump Presidential Administration saved when they got rid of all the pandemic people?

  16. Come on folks learn to per capita. There is a reason why some European countries are deep in the weeds.

  17. By not helping the group to keep cases down this ends up triggering the more draconian policies. Distancing and other policies will be made permanent in various forms. The countries that got hit the most on SARS had a permanent change with wide adoption of masks in public. Airport security permanent after 9-11. Shelter in place -social distancing appears to be working in the SF Bay Area. 7 million people. I am working to try to get adjusted processes and improvement that are efficient without unneeded restrictions.

  18. I didn’t say do five weeks and then do nothing. I said five weeks gets you to the point where other measures are sufficient.

    If your political philosophy consists entirely of the words “muh freedom” then fine, but personally I find any philosophy unsatisfying if it can’t effectively deal with collective threats. If your only answer is “well I guess a few million people are just going to have to die then,” you’re doing something wrong.

  19. I don´t think reality cares about the proofs you want to see.

    It seems draconian measures DO WORK.

    Death and the virus also do not care about your sense of liberty.

    The measures must be implemented with the goals of optimization between lifes saved/economy/supply chains. They are all interwined btw. You break supply chains you get immediate effects on the hability to quarantine. You break the economy you get deaths due to economic collapse.

    Sense of Liberty is a distant 4th here.

  20. Not flattening the curve means you run out of ICU beds and your death rate goes way higher, both for coronavirus and for other critical conditions. We’ll lose a lot of people without effective social distancing.

    If we lock down hard instead of half-assing it, we can do it for five weeks and rely on widespread testing and contact tracing after that:

    Even from a strictly libertarian perspective, enforced social distancing is justifiable under the nonaggression principle, since exposing someone else to a deadly virus can be considered initiation of force.

  21. Check your numbers at the end of the day… not the beginning… I detect a slight slow down in the rate… but not enough to keep the United states from claiming numero uno… Actually EU is number 1, but nobody adds their numbers together… I think they should also report by blocs as well: usmca, europe, Asia, Middle East, South America…

  22. I’m wondering … why can’t they just pass a law to freeze the credit cycle for 3 months in the United States…all loans outstanding in the entire US are put on hiatus for 3 months… problem solved. It’s like stopping a stop watch for 3 months then you click start again after 3 months… Its just like missing time…what happened in those 3 month? No idea All loans were asleep for 3 months… therefore nobody owed anything to anybody for 3 months…

  23. I’ve been following the Corona virus confirmed case numbers pretty closely, and I’m getting somewhat optimistic. 

    It looks like social distancing is starting to work:

    • Rhode Island has a relatively low case rate, likely because they closed their schools March 3, and most other non-essentials March 16. Their growth rate got down to 6% today.
    • Washington state started strong measures back on Mar 11. By Mar 22 their rate of case growth fell to 11%, and now is down around 5%. 
    • New York and California started some measures Mar 12 and ramped them up over time for affected areas. Their rate of growth has eased down for the past 3 days.
    • Illinois, New Jersey and Michigan (and AZ) didn’t set full Social Distancing until Mar 16, but they should start to see declining growth rates within the next few days.

    By next week the media should start making hopeful noises that “the curve is flattening” in states that took serious social distancing measures early.

    However, we’ll still hear more bad news.

    E.g. New York City’s intensive care units are likely near to being overwhelmed. NY peak cases will probably be double what they’ve got now, even if their curve starts to flatten.

    Of course, the economic damage will continue to mount at least until we ‘normalize’ – which we shouldn’t do too soon nor set any arbitrary deadline.

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