Use Cruise Ships as Added Non-Coronavirus Hospitals For Italy and Elsewhere

During WW2, Four Kaiser Shipyards built 747 fourteen thousand ton Liberty ships. One ship was completed one in five days.

In February, China built a new hospital in ten days. The 645,000-square-foot makeshift medical facility was two floors and has 1,000 beds, several isolation wards, and 30 intensive care units.

The USA is currently converting recovery rooms to intensive care units.

The US has two major hospital ships. They are being used to provide non-coronavirus care for New York and for Los Angeles.

Today, Carnival Cruise line offered its ships as hospitals.

The quickest way to make more hospital ships would be to convert existing large ships. Cruise ships are not being used for commercial purposes at this time and will not be used for months. The ships have electricity and beds. They could get other medical equipment placed quickly.

It would enable faster help for areas that have had medical capacity overrun. This would be in Italy and could soon be in New York.

Cruise ships are not being used and are not good for preventing the spread of disease. However, they could be used to hold and treat non-coronavirus patients. We could avoid using them for maximum density. They could hold patients and doctors. Mainly the ocean view or rooms with balconies could be used. Perhaps only half or 25% of the capacity could be used.

SOURCES- Carnival Cruises, Wikipedia
Written By Brian Wang,


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