Copy All Anti-Coronavirus Steps from Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan

The WHO (World Health Organization), Singapore and USA reversed their position on using face masks against coronavirus. The new position is that all people in a community should wear masks when they go out as part of an overall comprehensive response to this disease.

There is growing evidence that some people infected with the coronavirus do not show symptoms and are able to make others sick.

Almost all people in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam wear masks in public. Those countries have the least COVID-19 coronavirus cases. In Europe, the Czech Republic and Slovakia bucked the western trend, encouraging the use of masks by everyone.

The World Health Organization and disease control agencies in other countries need to stop thinking they know better than Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

All countries with high spread rates are doing it wrong and have been doing it wrong.

The other steps being followed in the leading countries are using smart-phone apps to enhance the effectiveness of quarantines. The leading countries also deliver food to people who are quarantined. There is also contact tracing to find those who might have been infected by someone known to have the disease.

China also sent people door to door to check on people with temperatures.

Written By Brian Wang,

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