Why Were the Germans Winning from 1939-1942?

Youtuber TIK explains why the Germans had the tactical advantage and were winning from 1939 to 1942. The reason is simple. They had a lot more guns (artillery and anti-tank guns) and knew how to use their tanks.

They avoided tank on tank fighting, which would destroy their tanks and the allied tanks. They used concentrated tank forces to punch through and then encircle the enemy.

The British, French and Russians would often send unsupported tank formations to get ripped up by infantry, artillery and tanks. The Germans would expose tanks and when the Allied tanks came out to meet them, the Germans would pull back to infantry and artillery.

“2 pounder gun” were British 40 mm anti-tank and vehicle-mounted guns. They could take out any German tank in the Second World War within about 500 yards.

The Germans had 50mm and 75 mm guns by the start of the war. Those guns were effective against Allied armor at 1000 yards.

The Panzer 4s were effective out to 3000 yards which forced the 25-pound artillery guns (also with 3000 yard range) to retreat.

Allied tactics were fixed around 1942 and they had built up a lot more large guns and anti-tank weapons.