Re-activating Youth Boosting Genes to Reverse Human Aging By 2030

As you get older, key genes that maintain life are no longer activated. George Church is focused on turning youth-boosting genes back on.

His company, Rejuvenate Bio, has begun clinical trials in old dogs. This will help us determine which ages of humans would best benefit. George believes they will be able to help people who are already quite old and show signs of decline. They are looking at extending absolute lifespan. Extending human lifespan will take years to get reliable results.

They have published results on three genes. Those genes already helped reverse osteoarthritis, high-fat obesity and diabetes, heart damage, and kidney disease. They will soon add cancer and neurodegenerative diseases to the list of reversible conditions.

They are using artificial intelligence to design the precisely targeted gene therapy delivery systems. They will make cells younger with dose of youth-promoting genes and then the cells repair factories can restore lots of damage from aging.

Even if only some cells are made youthful, they will increase youthful hormone production and amplify the gene therapy’s initial effect.

This will trigger a reinforcing cycle of increased youth.

SOURCE- Life Extension Magazine Interview with George Church
Written By Brian Wang,