Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Drone

The Perseverance Mars rover has the Ingenuity Mars helicopter drone. This solar-powered helicopter drone has a mass of 1.8 kg (4.0 lb). Ingenuity has had its third flight. It is expected to fly up to five times during its 30-day test campaign scheduled early in the rover’s mission. It will fly at altitudes ranging from 3–5 m (10–16 ft) above the ground for up to 90 seconds each. Ingenuity, which can travel up to 50 meter (160 ft) downrange and then back to the starting area. It communicates directly with the Perseverance rover after each landing.

The Perseverance rover is the size of a small car.

Length 2.9 meters (9 ft 6 in)
Diameter 2.7 meters (8 ft 10 in)
Height 2.2 meters (7 ft 3 in)
Launch mass 1,025 kg (2,260 lb)
Power 110 W (0.15 hp)

Commercial and enterprise drones have sizes typically of about 0.7 kg to 5 kilograms.

Drone for agriculture and delivery are usually larger and go from 10 kilograms and larger.

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Written By Brian Wang,