Real Star Wars Future – Droid World 2050

Today is May the Fourth be with you day. Star Wars is usually considered a Space Opera Fantasy and not a source of accurate predictions of the future.

However, there is a significant probability that day to day life could have many similarities to the worlds of Star Wars. I, Brian Wang, actually believe that many aspects of a real-life Star Wars future will come to pass. There will be limitations and constraints that impair any super-AI scenario. However, automating and enhancing our regular world results in day to day life becoming like Star Wars. Here we describe several major ways this will happen.

Land Speeders

Elon Musk has said he wants the new Tesla Roadster to hover and fly. Musk said Tesla will offer a SpaceX package that will include cold air thrusters to give the Roadster even higher performance.

Elon said:
I thought maybe we could make it hover but not too high. You make it hover like a meter above the ground or something like that. Something where if you plummet, you blow the suspension, but you are not going to die. Maybe 6 feet. You probably just put a height limit on it…

It’s going to use a super high-pressure air bottle. The standard version will have a back row with two small seats, like child seats in a Porsche or something, or if you get the SpaceX option package then in that place where those two seats is a high-pressure carbon overwrapped pressure vessel, something at around 10,000 psi, and a bunch of thrusters.

This means a low flying car which would be a land speeder.

Boba Fett Flying

Gravity Industries has had a jetsuit since 2017. They can fly for about 10-15 minutes and over 10 miles of range at 80 mph. They are working with the UK Navy and Netherlands SWAT.

Lots of Droids

There are already a lot of robots in Warehouses and factories and there are flying robot drones.

However, there could a massively droid future. Tesla and others make full level 4 self-driving cars by the hundreds of millions by 2030. The self-driving cameras and software are made cheap for ground robots that are safe to mingle with humans. Millimeter precise GPS, power beaming and internet everywhere cover the earth via SpaceX Starlink and follow on satellites. This enables robots to leave the factory to go everywhere in large numbers. A $1000 ATV like system would be able to go everywhere and operate an arm to load and unload packages.


Nextbigfuture has laid a path to a million SpaceX Starship rockets.

SpaceX makes trillions with Starlink internet and cellphone services. They then dominate package delivery with one hour delivery anywhere in the world. This proves safety and then they dominate one hour anywhere passenger travel.


Star Wars had megacities and cities covering the planet of Coruscant.

China is merging cities into unified 70 million to 200 million person super cities. They are spending hundreds of billions for this integration.

Self-driving cars can enable safe travel at 100-200 mph. This will

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Written by Brian Wang,