Own the Future by Owning Tesla and SpaceX

Ark Invest manages tens of billions in investment funds that are focused on capturing the innovative companies that will be successful in the future. Ark Invest categorizes innovation companies of 2022 with a total market cap of $14 trillion and this will grow to $210 trillion in 2030. Tesla is about $1 trillion of the 2022 market cap, SpaceX is $100 billion, Neuralink and Boring Company are about $10 billion. Tesla and SpaceX could end up dominating $100 trillion out of the total $210 trillion of the Ark Invest forecasted $210 trillion total value of all 2030 innovation companies combined.

Elon Musk companies are about 8% of the current innovation market cap and they will be a major part of 6 out of 14 major innovation segments identified by Ark Invest Big Ideas 2022.

There is a significant chance that the billions available for research and investment at Elon Musk companies and the lead they have in several major categories (Reusable rocket, autonomous mobility, electric vehicles, batteries) will enable them to capture most of the market cap and profits in the future of 2030. Ark Invest estimates those innovation companies will total $210 trillion in market capitalization.

The most valuable areas according to Ark Invest forecasts will be AI ($108T), Blockchain ($49T), Batteries ($32T), Robotics ($10T).

If Tesla succeeds with a winner take all or winner take most of the robotaxis and electric cars and then leverages that windfall and that technology to also dominate with the Teslabot then Tesla will own the future. Those who own Tesla with shares will have a share of owning the future. It would be like people of the 1880s getting in on owning Standard Oil or the other major industrial age industries.

Tesla is in AI and Robotics with self driving, robotaxi and Teslabot. Reusable rockets is SpaceX and is forecasted as part of Robotics. Ark forecasts reusable rockets to be $500B. However, the biggest part of SpaceX valuation will be using Starlink and low earth orbit satellites to potentially dominate internet and all other communication.

Tesla is of course in Batteries and electric cars.

If Tesla dominates energy storage and has significant solar power market share and those industries merge and become a big part of blockchain via blockchain mining, then there is a backdoor for Tesla to become significant with future Blockchain value.