Magic Rotor Technology in Tesla Model S Plaid Motors

Sandy Munro and his team have taken apart the electric engines.

The rotor is where Tesla has created new innovations. The magnetic and electrical fields are aligned and superior to other electrical engines that Sandy has seen. Sandy and his team have to do more testing to determine exactly how much better Tesla has made the rotor. The magnets in the Model S Plaid are about twice as powerful as the magnets in the Model Y.

No electric engine pulse can be felt when driving the Model S Plaid.

Tesla has innovated and patented new designs in the laminate stack and how they have the magnets in the electric engines. This enables Tesla to get 25% more peak torque and peak power. This superior capability is achieved without more mass.

Normally the laminates are in one piece, but making it a stack of pieces increases the power.

Tesla continues to innovate and push ahead of all other electric car makers.

Tesla has mirror-polished the ball-bearing housing for greater efficiency.

Many other complex parts are completely common between the Model 3, Model Y and Model S. They are circuit boards and HVAC and housing systems that are multi-purpose and well designed and upgradable. However, the sizing of the parts fit exactly across all Tesla cars. This enables Tesla to get more mass-production scale.

SOURCES – Sandy Munro
Written by Brian Wang,

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