OneWeb Likely Turns to SpaceX for Launches

OneWeb has been making a satellite network of about 648 satellites. They have launched 428 but still need to launch 220. Russia Soyuz rockets were being used for the launches but now Russia might not launch the satellites.

The satellites are in a circular low Earth orbit, at approximately 1,200 km (750 mi) altitude. They use the Ku-band of the radio frequency spectrum.

OneWeb plans to service mainly large business and government clients that sometimes need high-speed communication alternative to fiber communication.

SpaceX Starlink has 2000 satellites in orbit and will soon have 12000 Generation 1 Starlink satellites. Starlink will then add 30,000 Generation 2 Starlink satellites.

If Russia flakes on launching OneWeb satellites, then OneWeb likely has to turn to SpaceX for the six launches that they need. Oneweb using Ariane would be more expensive and using China launches would still have political risks.

SOURCES- UPI, Wikipedia, Oneweb, Starlink
Written by Brian Wang,