47000 Adverse Effects First 3 Months of Pfizer Vaccine Usage

Pfizer has starting releasing their vaccine safety data per a court-ordered instruction to satisfy a freedom of information request. The data for the first 3 months has been released and partially analyzed. Pfizer reports over 47000 adverse effects and 127 deaths in the first 3 months. This is roughly in line with Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). There Moderna and Pfizer vaccines being administered.

The VAERS data was not well covered or reported.

On February 19, 2021, this report was posted online as an MMWR Early Release.
During December 14, 2020–January 13, 2021, a total of 13,794,904 COVID-19 vaccine doses were administered in the United States; 8,436,863 (61.2%) doses were administered to women. VAERS received 6,994 reports of COVID-19–associated adverse events during this period. Among all reports, 6,354 (90.8%) were classified as nonserious and 640 (9.2%) as serious, including 113 (1.6%) deaths.

Safety monitoring for these vaccines has been the most intense and comprehensive in U.S. history, using the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a spontaneous reporting system, and v-safe,* an active surveillance system, during the initial implementation phases of the COVID-19 national vaccination program.

Here is the VAERS online data for 2021 and 2022 for vaccination and adverse effects.

The occurrence of anaphylaxis after receipt of COVID-19 vaccines during the analytic period, 4.5 cases per million doses administered, is within the range reported after receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine (1.4 per million), pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (2.5 per million), and live attenuated herpes zoster vaccine (9.6 per million); effective treatments for anaphylaxis exist.

VAERS received 113 reports of death after COVID-19 vaccinations; two thirds of these deaths occurred among LTCF residents. All-cause mortality is high in LTCF populations because underlying medical conditions are common. Based on expected rates of background mortality, among the approximately 1 million LTCF residents vaccinated in the first month of the U.S. COVID-19 vaccination program, approximately 7,000 coincidental, temporally associated deaths from all causes would be expected during the analytic period. In contrast, VAERS received 78 reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination in LTCF residents, and approximately one-half were in residents who were in hospice or who had a do-not-resuscitate status. Reported causes of death in LTCF residents after COVID-19 vaccination are consistent with expected all-cause mortality in this population.

Vaccine adverse events include:
Acute kidney injury
Acute flaccid myelitis
Anti-sperm antibody positive
Brain stem embolism
Brain stem thrombosis
Cardiac arrest
Cardiac failure
Cardiac ventricular thrombosis
Cardiogenic shock
Central nervous system vasculitis
Death neonatal
Deep vein thrombosis
Encephalitis brain stem

The Lancet had a study of mRNA vaccines after 6 months.

VAERS and v-safe during Dec 14, 2020, to June 14, 2021. VAERS reports were categorised as non-serious, serious, or death. Reporting rates were calculated using numbers of COVID-19 doses administered as the denominator. We analysed v-safe survey reports from days 0–7 after vaccination for reactogenicity, severity (mild, moderate, or severe), and health impacts (ie, unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, or received care from a medical professional).

6 Months Findings

During the study period, 298 792 852 doses of mRNA vaccines were administered in the USA.
VAERS processed 340 522 reports:
313 499 (92·1%) were non-serious,
22 527 (6·6%) were serious (non-death), and
4496 (1·3%) were deaths.

Over half of 7 914 583 v-safe participants self-reported local and systemic reactogenicity, more frequently after dose two (4 068 447 [71·7%] of 5 674 420 participants for local reactogenicity and 4 018 920 [70·8%] for systemic) than after dose one (4 644 989 [68·6%] of 6 775 515 participants for local reactogenicity and 3 573 429 [52·7%] for systemic). Injection-site pain (4 488 402 [66·2%] of 6 775 515 participants after dose one and 3 890 848 [68·6%] of 5 674 420 participants after dose two), fatigue (2 295 205 [33·9%] participants after dose one and 3 158 299 participants [55·7%] after dose two), and headache (1 831 471 [27·0%] participants after dose one and 2 623 721 [46·2%] participants after dose two) were commonly reported during days 0–7 following vaccination. Reactogenicity was reported most frequently the day after vaccination; most reactions were mild. More reports of being unable to work, do normal activities, or of seeking medical care occurred after dose two (1 821 421 [32·1%]) than after dose one (808 963 [11·9%]); less than 1% of participants reported seeking medical care after vaccination (56 647 [0·8%] after dose one and 53 077 [0·9%] after dose two).

SOURCES- CDC, Dr John Campbell, Pfizer, VAERS
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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  1. Considering the high correlation between Covid deaths and low Vit. D, Vit. D should have been prescribed.

  2. You are correct for UK. For the world and the USA my statement is correct. COVID-19 (healthdata.org)

  3. I'm not against regular vaccines. I'm 34, work outdoors (landscaping) and live far away from at-risk relatives, so no mRNA treatment for me.

  4. Sorry buts that’s simply not true. Take the U.K., at he forefront of the vaccine rollout. Deaths were significantly higher prior to the vaccine rollout. Case rates were higher in later waves, but after vaccination, the rate of deaths had dropped to seasonal average levels, not far above it as it had been before the vaccinations.

  5. Not for deaths you don’t. Doctors or patients may or may not report mild symptoms, but serious complications and deaths do get reported and investigated. Those trying to portray this vaccine as dangerous are anti-vaxxers, or those opposed to specific vaccines for commercial or nationalistic reasons, or those spreading misinformation for geopolitical reasons.

  6. Only a very small percentage of doctors report to these systems. You have to multiply the numbers by a factor of 8-10 to have a more realistic number.

  7. I don't get why you had chest pain with the first jab and still took the second and third boosters. And I bet you're going for the fourth as well…

  8. Still now we have a best case number for risk of death 1:65000, so we can make an informed decision. Its still 500 x safer than the virus, but I would not take a booster.

  9. As is risk of side effects – something quickly noticed was people vulnerable to severe allergic reactions did not do well with one of the vaccines, and people in this health category were recommended to be given a different vaccine like O/AZ or J+J.

    Even human material from another individual carries risk of rejection by the host which plagues transplant surgery to this day, and this can vary significantly from individual to individual – something which unfortunately renders most transplant patients completely incapable of benefitting from vaccination treatments anyway.

  10. You didn't actually read the comment at all did you?

    The person claims that their hospital saw countless reactions yet they only personally filed 30 reports, and only knew 1 other nurse that filed a single report.

    All this in an "ER of a major healthcare system", which sounds like RNese for major city hospital.

    That means that they either don't have any strength of their convictions, or they are just writing bullsh1t.

    To say nothing of the fact that merely going to where people congregate to be vaccinated is risk enough of actually getting infected with the real thing in the process – so you can't possibly tell who is having an adverse reaction to the vaccine and who is having a "COVID related health problem" as the various anti vaxx sources claim most reported COVID deaths are due to.

  11. No it’s not. Nearly 14 million doses, and 113 deaths. That’s one death per 120k doses given. By contrast, covid has killed 350 people for every 120k people in the US.

  12. In my 1 1/2 hour long discussion with my County's chief virologist (MD), he said to me that he does not believe a word that the CDC puts our about the vaccine. Those were his exact words.

  13. VAERS, the UK Yellowcard system and the EU Vaccine Monitoring System all directionally agree. This is a dangerous vaccine.

  14. When I downloaded the VAERS data to my own machine and began analyzing it, one thing stood out very quickly. 95% of the batches had no associated deaths. 4% had 1 associated death. But, 1% had multiple deaths. And, the top 30 batches (out of 5200) each had scores of deaths associated with them. The worst batch had 121 deaths.

    When I talked to my county's chief virologist (MD) and ask him about this, he suggested that improper handling and storage might have corrupted the vaccine. I still think the batch was not properly homogenized and some vials contained way too much Spike Protein.

  15. Hence why State and Federal governments had to mandate vaccination on penalty of losing your job and nurses still wouldn't do it.

    Coercion is what you resort to when discussion fails.

  16. Covid risk isn't uniformly distributed amongst the population. Definitely vaccinate the at risk, leave the young and healthy alone.

    Both options can be the right course of action you just have to look at the individual.

  17. Two things for Jean. Far more people died after vaccines were rolled out. If you want to put your trust in the company that paid the largest US fine ever I guess that's your right. I'm sure they have totally changed and are competently benevolent now….. They had good reason to delay data release 75 years….. The Sackler family just settled their $6 billion fine yesterday 3-10-2022. But go ahead and trust these people…. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_pharmaceutical_settlements

  18. The problem is the company and closely linked government institutions are deliberately hiding medical and safety documentation away from the general public. We are unable to make a accurate assessment on the risks and benefits associated with the vaccines.

    I personally know three people who have had serious reactions to the vaccines, with one being highly connected to a fatal heart attack in an otherwise healthy man.

  19. Ask my colleagues that will get their 4 shot in the next days.
    Many will start falling at this rate.

  20. Maybe giving them the proper care would have solved the problem.
    Majority of deaths happens in old people with very low Vit.D level.
    The life insurances and health insurance are starting to notice the deaths and the damaged. And will start to claim the insurance don't cover "suicide".

  21. VAERS and the rest (UK, EU) are passive monitoring.
    Adverse events are reported voluntarily.
    Physicians should report everything but
    1) They don't report what appears not connected (but they have no expertise to decide)
    2) If they report something all hell get loose on them. They are threated like converted to Christianity in the Muslim World.

  22. I had the first covid vaccine and started having chest pain. Got second covid vaccine and chest pain continued. After the third shot booster, chest pain got worse. Ended up having subxyphoid pericardial window to drain fluid in pericardium. Got discharged on Saturday. Had to return on Sunday because i was in A Fib, BP 60/30, After finally putting a central line in, I was electrically cardioverted and spent time in ICU. I am still having sporadic episodes of chest pain, with no one knowing why.

  23. I have to strongly disagree. As a RN in an ER of a major healthcare system I will tell you that although a VAERS report was mandated by the federal government for all serious vaccine reactions my hospital saw countless vaccine reactions and only a handful of VAERS reports were filed; approximately 30 by me and 1 by 1 other nurse that filed one on herself. In the entire hospital.

  24. Yeah. Vaccines have to be perfect or never used.

    Better lose tens of millions of lives to uncontrolled covid19 than one single life caused by an imperfect vaccine.

    Oh wait, no.

    No vaccine is ever perfect and in a realistic population, someone, somewhere will have an adverse reaction to it.

  25. Not an unbiased report. Pfizer, which is only releasing stats due to judicial ruling that company can’t hide for 75 years, is obviously releasing least damning info first. Regarding VAERS, no mention of what small percentage vaccine adverse events were actually recorded. I personally know of 4 events, including 1 death 3 wks after vax, that were not recorded! Furthermore, author’s statements about percentage of deaths occurring in long-term care facilities sound like , “Oh, no big deal, they we’re going to die soon anyway [and, thus, no real loss to society].” Other reports during pandemic stated sr citizens who died due to COVID would have otherwise lived an avg of 10 yrs longer. Every life matters, esp the old & wise. Shame on you, Brian Wang!

  26. Very old people in nursing homes are going to have high death rate. Considering how high the death rate for Covid among the same group vaccinating them was the appropriate decision.

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