SpaceX Starlink Gen 2 Satellites Five Times Area of Gen 1

Elon Musk shared out an update presentation for a SpaceX all-hands meeting.

There are some interesting renderings in the presentation. The new Starlink Generation 2 satellites are shown as having a length that is 80% of the diameter of the Starship. The Starship rocket is 9 meters wide.

This means the renderings have the Gen 2 satellites as 7 Meters long and 3 meters wide. The Gen 1 Starlink satellites are 2.8 meters long by 1.4 meters wide. The Gen 2 are more than double the Gen 2 in length and width. It is not shown buy the solar panels are likely twice as long. The solar panels unfold from the Gen 1 to a length of 20 meters. The Gen 2 solar panels are likely twice as long and twice as wide and would provide four times the energy.

There are also renderings of future Super Heavy Starship factories in Florida and Texas.

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  1. There was a Youtube video thumbnail that had a Starship with an artificial gravity ring around the mid section. Looking forward to articles and comments.

    And someone said they missed Goat Guys comments, I agree.

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