New Tesla Cybertruck Prototype at Investor Day Display $TSLA

Rob Mauer of Tesla Daily is at the Tesla Investor Day and has a video of a new Tesla Cybertruck on display. It is still labeled as a Pre-production Beta.

He has a walk around new Tesla Cybertruck Prototype at Investor Day, with first looks at updated design.
➤ Hardware 4
➤ Steering wheel
➤ Rear Display
➤ Tuck Bed & Electrical Ports

4 thoughts on “New Tesla Cybertruck Prototype at Investor Day Display $TSLA”

  1. Can it fit a sheet of plywood (4×8) with the tailgate closed?
    We could actually get a full sheet into my father’s 1969 Town&Country SW with the back seats down (440 4bbl so we could also get to the job quickly!) I see any “truck” that can’t fit a 4X8 as a “poseur-mobile.”
    Also we need to see the performance with towing a trailer; with the semi-trailers Tesla apparently can model the useful performance for productive work. Will we ever see a convoy of CyberTrucks towing Airstream trailers?

  2. My comment disappear … I said that the back look like an el Camino. Not really a truck as we usually see

    • Personally, I think that’s a plus. I LIKE the El Camino! And I love the low poly esthetic.

      This thing is way outside my price range, but if I hit the lottery? Absolutely buying one.

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