Marques Brownlee Calls Apple Vision Pro Eye-tracking As Its Best Feature

The Apple Vision Pro is completely controlled by your eyes, hands and voice. There are no controllers. Just like the iPhones uses your fingers for control and did away with any stylus.

There are many cameras and Lidar on the outside so it can see your hands. When you touch your fingers together then you are selecting actions in the device.

Marques Brownlee calls the eye-tracking (which is down with infrared and other sensors). Marques thinks that Apple will be able to attract content like movies that will be specifically adapted for viewing on the Vision Pro. Marques thinks that using it for live sporting events and getting the equivalent of courtside seats would be the next best thing to being there. There would not be the energy of the crowd but the site and sound would be there.

Marques says it is a heavy headset.

Marques says it feels like the 1.0 version of the Apple iWatch. He thinks it needs to get improved and refined. It is not a product for the masses. Early adopters and Apple will have to guide the future direction of this product. It is unique. It has features that other headsets do not. There are things in it that only Apple could do.

I spoke with my gamer son. He says that as of now the gamers will not adopt this. Many of the games will not be better with this setup. He thinks that there will still be friction to get lazy gamers to use this.

There is the actual physical issues of the cable for power as there is only 2 hours of battery life. There is the issue that your head will sweat wearing it. If you wear it outside, it is like a giant tattoo on your face – Hey robber- please rob me. I have $3500 on my face. It is a highend Apple laptop and monitor combined but easier to grab off my head.

There needs to be enterprise applications and use case for business and industry.

It is trying to use the higher capability expensive components to give the movie theater for one feel. They will be at the leading edge for trying to be the next best thing to being there.

The system can mimick and replicate your Apple laptop. Look at the laptop and what you are working on will become one of the 4K windows.

4 thoughts on “Marques Brownlee Calls Apple Vision Pro Eye-tracking As Its Best Feature”

  1. It would be a mistake not to make a product for the masses also. That would consist of a personal computer with two m2 ( or an m2 ultra) chips and an r1 chip and the apple vision pro
    without processing power in it (and also without the frontal oled screen). The processing power would reside in the pc just like psvr2’s resides in the ps5. They probably could sell the pc for $3000 and the visor for $ 1000. The visor would be attached to the pc with a cable, but it could be lighter and cooler.

  2. Bit of a gimmick. Noone sane will work in VR headset on their face without copious amounts of cheap liquor

  3. “There needs to be enterprise applications and use case for business and industry.”

    These exist. They are more mundane and practical than you might imagine. Enough said.

    “it feels like the 1.0 version of the Apple iWatch”

    I get the same impression. Nowadays iWatch is ubiquitous. Vision Pro seems to me like a great platform demonstration. Apple will stick with it and make it faster, lighter, etc. just like they did with iWatch.

  4. Eye tracking is the most useful feature, if they implement dynamic foveated rendering (which they’d be fools not to). But, the PSVR2 has that at 1/7th the price, which the next gen Quests and Indexes (Indices?) are rumoured to have as well.

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