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internet of thingsSpaceX Will Launch 64 Satellites Tomorrow

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Tomorrow SpaceX will launch 64 satellites at one time which would be a US record. Eight of the satellites will be from companies building a global Internet of Things (IoT) by revolutionizing satellite communications. Most of today’s IoT devices, such …

blockchainThe Blockchain Race Towards a More Sustainable World

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The effects of climate change have become increasingly real over recent years. NASA confirms what we regularly see on the news: increases in extreme weather events such as droughts, floods, and hurricanes; melting polar ice caps leading to higher sea …

amazonStarting 2019, Iridium satellites providing Amazon cloud for internet of things

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Iridium Communications announced Sept 27, 2018, it joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) and has been collaborating with AWS on the development of Iridium CloudConnect, the first and only satellite cloud-based solution that offers truly global coverage …

artificial intelligenceChina will accelerate robotics, AI and ecommerce to match US

China will make more investments and accelerate reforms of agencies and systems to boost its $3.8 trillion digital economy. The digital economy included the internet of things, big data, clouding computing and AI. The National Development and Reform Commission has …

blockchainIoT Chain provides security, efficiency and lower cost for the internet of things

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IoT Chain is developing blockchain to secure the internet of things against bots. It will also be more energy efficient and provides lower costs.

blockchainBlockchain supply chain and Blockchain IoT will significantly boost global GDP by 2030

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The world currently wastes or loses trillions of dollars from inefficient management of supply chains. There is hundreds of billions lost of fraud and counterfeiting. There is bureaucracy and administration to handle accounting, auditing and administration. There are multiple computer …

communicationsHigher terahertz frequencies are usable for data transmission which will boost data 100 times over microwaves

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An off-the-wall new study by Brown University researchers shows that terahertz frequency data links can bounce around a room without dropping too much data. The results are good news for the feasibility of future terahertz wireless data networks, which have …

artificial intelligenceDecentralized AI = AI + Blockchain + Internet of things

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Cloud-based AI solutions and APIs from Google, IBM and Microsoft are currently dominating the AI market. A decentralized AI market is emerging from the combination of blockchain, on-device AI and edge computing and Internet of Things (IoT). Decentralized Intelligence Market …

electronicsBattery-free wireless RFID sensor from graphene oxide for Internet of Things Applications

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Researchers have a design that layers graphene oxide, to create flexible heterostructure humidity sensors for remote sensing. * layer by layer printing allows for scalable and mass production at a very low cost. * the first printable technology where several …

blockchainIntel and Tencent cooporating on Blockchain

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Tencent also signed a cooperation framework agreement with Intel to develop blockchain technology for Tencent’s TUSI IoT (Internet of Things) laboratory and promote the establishment of security capabilities in Internet of Things applications. Blockchain is a new application mode in …