Mortar and RPG resistant Pillboxes that Assemble Like Legos in Minutes

McCurdy’s Armor is a LEGO type system that can be assembled quickly into multiple configurations

• McCurdy’s Armor provides protection for operators while still providing full situational awareness through transparent armor
• McCurdy’s Armor can be used in situations where rapid deployment is needed as well as fixed posts.
• McCurdy’s Armor conserves manpower, equipment and construction materials.
– Conserves resources because it is reused over and over
– Quickly “de-constructed” so no infrastructure is left behind
• Intuitive set up using universal components and common tools
– Minimal training is required
– Every part is a one-man carry and interchangeable with similar parts
• Includes transparent armor gun ports
– Quickly open into firing positions

The pieces looks like things that could be rapidly manufactured. How strong could rapidly manufactured pieces be using materials that are onsite ? With a smaller amount of additives like 6% carbon nanotubes and polymers you can make a stronger cement material. This would be adapting lunar cement to earth based purposes.

There is the possibility of adapting similar techniques for constructing buildings in developing countries for non-military purposes.

Direct metal methods for additive manufacturing usually start with powdered metals and are formed into any desired shape by lasers.

• Camp Guard Posts
• Observation Posts
• VCP/ECP Greeter stations
• Sniper Positions
• Cordon Security
• Police and Military Recruiting Stations
• Election Posts

• Anywhere our personnel will be exposed to enemy sniper fire, IDF, small arms, suicide bombers, and grenade attacks