Smartphones of 2013 – IPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4

Gottabemobile – 2013 should be chock full of fantastic smartphone releases as well. We’ve already heard murmuring about some high-end devices that will be coming to shelves, including an iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4, and we can also make some educated guesses about other potential devices that should be due in 2013

The IPhone 5S should be released in mid-2013 and will have the iOS 7.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will likely feature a powerful rear camera and a 1080p display, possibly 4.99-inches in size, that Samsung may show off at CES 2013 in January. It should be available mid-Q2 of 2013.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 should be released late in 2013.

Motorola Droid RAZR 2 will be among several new Motorola phones for 2013.

The Google Nexus 5 should be out late in 2013 and may have 4G LTE.

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