Nearly a Hyperbolic curve for shaving blades

echnology as well as marketing determines the rate at which new shaving blades are introduced. Although not common or popular there are six and even 12 bladed shavers. Every additional blade adds weight and size to a razor. Firms must therefore find ways of making both razor and blades lighter, which means thinner blades, more closely spaced, made of special materials, with new coatings. The addition of shaving blades is following a hyperbolic curve in terms of shaving systems that are commercially available.

The Stoltz Revolution Razor is the first to use 12 blades (or Tri-Quad™ Technology). Developed in Germany, the Stolz Revolution is the first shaver to promise uncompromising one-stroke efficient shaving.

The Dorco Pace 6 Plus is the world’s first six-blade razor offering a true one-stroke shaving solution. This razor is truly on the forefront of wet-shaving technology.

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