George Church confident of reversing some aging in humans by 2022

George Church has expressed confidence that in just five or six years he will be able to reverse the aging process in human beings.

George Church is among those who can claim at least partial credit for the innovation of CRISPR gene editing

George Church says that there are more important things in the balance than [Nobel] prizes. There are cures for human diseases.

George Church indicated that his team is already reversing aspects of aging in mice in the laboratory. The best way to predict the future, he said, is to predict things that have already happened.

“A scenario is, everyone takes gene therapy – not just curing rare diseases like cystic fibrosis, but diseases that everyone has, like aging,” he said. He noted that mice die after 2.5 years but bowhead whales can live to be 180 or 200. “One of our biggest economic disasters right now is our aging population. If we eliminate retirement, then it buys us a couple of decades to straighten out the economies of the world. If all those gray hairs could go back to work and feel healthy and young, then we’ve averted one of the greatest economic disasters in history. Someone younger at heart should replace you, and that should be you. I’m willing to. I’m willing to become younger. I try to reinvent myself every few years anyway.”

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