Capture proof is the winner of the Singularity University Health Grand Challenge 2016 #gsummit

Optimal Physical and Mental Health, including access to cost effective prevention, early diagnosis, and personalized therapy for individuals and communities

Capture proof is the winner of the Singularity University Health Grand Challenge 2016

CaptureProof’s Smart Medical Camera™ uses advanced computer vision in the active camera and then automatically organizes images tracking progress.

Doctors don’t run on time, and patients hate waiting rooms. Decoupling medical care from location and time – is the only way forward. CaptureProof is the leading medial media management/sharing platform for the healthcare industry. The HIPAA-compliant platform helps create better doctors by allowing them to simply, quickly and securely do what matters most: monitor progress, compare data in historical context, and decide on an optimal approach.From anywhere, anytime.

Our Mission: CaptureProof is changing the face of healthcare world wide. From villages in Africa, across Europe and the US – we will positively impact 1B peoples lives!

Other Candidates


3D4MD use 3D printing technology to impact over 1 billion lives by; making affordable 3D printable medical supplies to prevent needless suffering and potentially save lives, and providing 3D printing technology skills training to create jobs and reduce poverty. We are building an open-source digital library, like iTunes. But instead of songs, people can select and download crowd-sourced files to make quality-tested, lower cost and even personalized life-changing resources on demand, locally.

Our Mission: We will impact 5 billion people who lack access to surgical care, 1+ billion people with a disability and 2 billion people living on less than $2 a day.

X2AI is a Singularity University company that creates autonomous intelligent assistants (AIAs) to connect the patient with their therapist 24/7.

Tess, X2AI’s flagship AIA, holds conversations with the patient, providing mild psychotherapeutic exercises, emotional wellbeing and education through a variety of existing technology-based communications, including SMS, web browsers, and popular instant messaging apps. Tess allows clinicians to go from helping 5 patients a day to positively impacting 50 patients a day. Karim, Tess’ baby brother, is currently deployed in Lebanon, helping Syrian Refugees with emotional wellbeing.

Our Mission: At least positively influence 10^9 people.

Beyond Verbal – Based on ongoing research over the last 21 years, we were able to perfect our technology through external independent validations.

The human voice carries much more than just our emotional state; it also provides a window into our wellness state, and even our health. When it comes to measuring humans, voice is the most readily available, easy to capture, non-intrusive – yet rich – output the body produces. Based on our scientific findings and accrued experience, our goal is to introduce vocal acoustic features analysis capabilities as biomarkers to deliver better wellness and ultimately better health.

Our Mission: A non-intrusive, continuous and passive way of detecting and monitoring serious health conditions all from a patient’s voice.

Metamason is building the world’s first truly personalized respiratory masks via 3D scanning & printing.

Metamason is building a healthcare-focused software platform called Scan·Fit·Print that uses 3D scans of one’s body to create individually customized, 3D-printed products, starting with starting with custom respiratory devices (CPAP masks) for the treatment of sleep apnea. CPAP is the most heavily quit therapy in modern medicine with a 50% attrition rate in the first year of treatment due to ergonomic issues with mask fit, however the market is $4B+.

Our Mission: Fixing the ergonomic issues in CPAP therapy for sleep apnea, will dramatically improve quality of life for over 50 million people globally.