Reinventing the wheel, robots, drones and transportation with the Revolve Foldable wheel

Revolve has a groundbreaking innovation – the foldable wheel.

The foldable wheel including a double hub, a rim with rubberized sectors, and spokes pivotly connecting each hub with the sectors of the rim. The sectors of the rim can be figured, starting from an extended condition of forming the wheel in which the hubs are mutually approached, in a collapsed condition in which the hubs are mutually spaced apart along the wheel axis. The spokes are pivoted to the hubs substantially on the wheel axis and in the collapsed condition the sectors of the rim extend longitudinally between the two hubs.

The foldable wheel is usable on all types of trolley or carts with the help of side wheels.

* they have foldable wheels for bicycles
* they have foldable wheels for wheelchairs

Currently, the most compact and lightweight folding bikes use small and less useful tires. The Revolve folding wheel is airless and lightweight, so a racing bike with 26-inch folding wheels can be stored in airport carry-on luggage.

Having lighter and stronger wheelchairs will be a huge benefit to the aging and disabled.

The folding wheel will also revolutionize drones and robots.

Having full sized bikes that can be folded and easily carried means that people will be able to carry transportation which can enable speeds of 20-40 miles per hour. This solves not just last-mile problems for public transportation but the last ten miles.