US needs to go all-in to support SpaceX and Tesla

Providing contracts for new military and NASA contracts to SpaceX would save money over using United Launch. Those contracts would also ensure the success of SpaceX with more Falcon Heavy launches and then assist in funding the development of the SpaceX BFR.

The fully reusable BFR with 150 tons of payload will be like moving to super-sized and more fuel-efficient 747s or Airbus 380 versus DC-7s and DC-10s today. This leap in capability will be over 5-6 years.

Fully reusable rockets will be 15-20 years ahead of what China and Russia will be doing.

China will likely move into the global number two position in Space technology by 2027 with a superheavy Long March 9 rocket with 130 tons of payload.

The US also should throw more support behind Tesla. Tesla is in a more vulnerable position but the winners without a strong Tesla will be electric car makers and battery makers in China. China will be making more than one million and probably two million electric cars in 2018.

The US needs Elon Musk’s visionary and risk-taking innovation to maintain technological advantages in critical areas.

The other advantage for Elon Musk’s success is a global inspiration to other technological risk takers. The rise of Apple and Microsoft in the 1970s provided proof that technological startups could make it big.