NASA Development of machines to build on Mars and the Moon

There is a NASA review of the resources available on the Mars and the Moon and development of machines for construction on the moon and Mars.

This was from slides by Robert P. Mueller, Senior Technologist / Engineer, NASA, Kennedy Space Center – Swamp Works

Lunar Regolith Resources and their Uses
• Lunar oxygen: propellant, life support
• Iron, aluminum, titanium: structural elements
• Magnesium: less strong structural elements
• Regolith: sintered blocks, concrete, glass
• Water: Ice blocks, molded ice

Potential Applications
• Structural beams, rods, plates, cables
• Cast shapes for anchors, fasteners, bricks, flywheels, furniture
• Solar cells, wires for power generation and distribution
• Pipes and storage vessels for fuel, water, and other fluids
• Roads, foundations, shielding
• Spray coatings or linings for buildings
• Powdered metals for rocket fuels, insulation
• Fabrication in large quantities can be a difficult engineering problem in terms of materials handling and heat dissipation

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