Forecasts of US Coronavirus Deaths Down to 60,000

The University of Washington IHME has reduced their forecast of US Coronavirus deaths are down to 60,000. The mid-range forecasts were over 90,000 last week and had started at about 82,000 two weeks ago. The number of coronavirus patients in hospital, ICU or needing ventilators has fallen even more dramatically.

There is now a forecasted need for only 16,000 ventilators.

The situation in New York is improving.

Nextbigfuture believes that directives and trends in the US and other places to wear masks in public is rapidly reducing the spread of the disease.

Walking in stores like Costco and supermarkets, the number of people wearing masks is about 60-80%. In the US, two weeks ago the numbers of people wearing masks were in the 10-30% range. Six weeks ago it was only 0-2% of people wearing masks in the USA.

SOURCES- Washington IHME
Written By Brian Wang,