Reversal of Premature Aging

Harvard researchers identified several small molecules that appear to reverse cellular aging in premature aging disease.

Small-Molecule PAPD5 Inhibitors Restore Telomerase Activity in Patient Stem Cells (Cell Stem Cell Journal)

• High-throughput screening identified specific small-molecule PAPD5 inhibitor BCH001
• BCH001 restores telomere length in iPSCs from patients with dyskeratosis congenita
• Repurposed HBsAg suppressors, dihydroquinolizinones, increase TERC in stem cells
• Oral PAPD5 inhibitors restore TERC and telomeres in human HSPCs in vivo

They tested more than 100,000 known chemicals. They got 480 initial “hits,” which they ultimately narrowed to a small handful.

they were able to boost the cells and restore telomere length.

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  1. The problem with old people, I’m one, is they become fixed in their understandings. I can’t tell you if it is from loss of brain or getting crusty. Well yes, I can tell you it is from declining brain function. We think our peers are still sharp and young whippersnappers are just dumb. That should tell you something.
    I know several over 70 people who are active and sharp. Staying in shape has more to do with what your genes will allow. Your genes tell you what you can eat or do with the least inflammation. Sore knees, hips, backs and yada yada are a big part of the conversation. At this stage my cohorts are the lucky ones with moderately good genes that saw them through the thresholds others faced earlier in life, where conditioning became a bigger pain than wanted.
    As far as best mental acuity, I’d look at the outliers, the theorists in science or physics they seem to do quite well into their forties.
    What I admire is the young today thinking and making moves to keep themselves sharp. Never having the highest wattage bulb, all I was thinking about was keeping working and containing my failings.

  2. “1/3 normal calories and less than 10% of those protein, to switch off IGF-1”
    So when you say <10% protein for your calories, then what’s making up the rest? Are you close to 90% fat for your calories? Because we all know that glucose (carbs) triggers IFG-1 and also contributes to glycation/AGEs. So what food do you actually eat, that can give you that macronutrient profile?

  3. SSHHhhh!

    You aren’t allowed to say that.

    It upsets people who don’t know that the word “variability” means.

  4. They have their own variant:
    And then there is Go. That attracts many of the best minds:
    They also have 37 Chess Grandmasters. I would not call that poor representation. The Chinese haven’t been serious about international chess for very long. They got their first grand master in 1990.
    Even so, on the women’s side they are very competitive. They have 10 of the top 50 women, Russia has 9.
    And Ding, Liren is a phenomenal player. He should get a World Championship match in the next few years.
    Japan is the country that really shuns international chess. Very few players. Just 2 IMs no GMs. They play Shogi and Go. They have big money prizes for Shogi, so just about everyone plays that instead. I think they even have a Shogi TV channel.

  5. Oh, also I don’t intend to live forever or even over 100 years. It’s just that quality of life thing for me. When I visit my grandmother in in her nursing home, it’s heart rending to see the effect of aging on the residents. Anything we can do to improve their quality of life is a worthy goal without consideration of living longer. I spent the first couple years of my life in diapers, I don’t want to spend the last few years in them as well.

  6. By the way, why so few chinese in the top? Lots of people and an average IQ of 103-104….?

  7. Interesting. By how much do you increase the risk of cancer by restoring telemere lenth to its original state?

  8. On the other hand, I play over 10,000 games of bullet chess a year and have done so since 2007. I average my rating for each month just to keep track. After about 3 years I hit a plateau. And stayed that way until last year…when it went up! I credit that to doing near fasts (1/3 normal calories and less than 10% of those protein, to switch off IGF-1, while taking fisetin and quercetin).
    I don’t drink, or smoke, avoid AGEs (advanced glycation end products), and reduce saturated fat intake. And I take antioxidants and other vitamins/minerals. I had heart palpitations for a few years before the fasts (feels like your heart is doing back-flips at random). I don’t get them anymore. Likely stress related…but if anything…my stress has gone up.
    I started with a 4 day near fast, then about a week, then 10 days with a month or two in-between each. I went longer each time because it seemed to take longer to feel the same effects. I probably already cleared out a lot of the senescent cells.
    It has been several months, maybe I need to do this again.

  9. Understood, but it is an essential piece of the puzzle. There won’t be one silver bullet, but this is one round chambered.

  10. Restoring telomere length without repairing dna damage leads to additional risk of cancer, that’s the reason for “unraveling of the telomere leads to cell death”. 
    After you fix the low hanging fruit, you will likely find better quality of life but no real change in absolute life span. An ever increasing number of additional things will need to be fixed, it may be intractable in the near term.

  11. “they were able to boost the cells and restore telomere length.”
    This is actually a bigger deal than people may think. Unraveling of the telomere leads to cell death and is a marker for old age. Rejuvenating it is a necessity for any true healthy life extension project.

  12. as for the peak of mental strength it is complicated. In my 40s I am much wiser and know so much more than in my 20s where distractions, drinks, parties and all the lifestyle were impacting what i could achieve. On the other hand I was more alert, had more energy and much better working memory. No my synapses are pruned and in the areas of my competence i am much better. Not sure if i have to go back to school , though…

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