Teslabot Abundance on Earth Will Mean Mars Abundance Too

Elon Musk has described a vision for a self-sustaining Mars City with 100k to 1 million people that would be hard on the pioneers to establish. He also has described a vision for Teslabots where it would be useful and perhaps there would be one per household.

Brian Wang explores where SpaceX and Tesla and the Tesla bot will be in 2030 and how it will be very likely that a successful Teslabot makes Earth and Mars abundant and comfortable.

Elon Musk talked about his Mars and Teslabot plans in much of a one hour interview with Chris Anderson of TED. It is Elon Musk who is describing fleets of a thousand Starships going to Mars every two years and having very useful Teslabots in every home and Teslabots creating abundance for every person.

Elon Musk’s Mars Plans

1 Million People on Mars – Self Sustaining
Difficult- Hard but Glorious
First People 2029
Uncrewed Mission 2027
Compares to Antarctica and early US colonies

Elon Musk’s Teslabot Plans

Interesting prototype 2022
Limited Mass Production Useful Bots 2023-24
Usefulness goes up, costs come down, production scales up
Costs at a cheap car or less
Commercial for homes and businesses by 2032
Abundance on Earth

Very Useful Teslabots Will Exist by 2030 With the High Volume Fleets of Starships for Mars

SpaceX 1000 Super Heavy Starship Down to $10 Billion ($10 million each)
Starships will land intact and will be reused
Teslabots 20 times fewer batteries than a car
Teslabot 40 times less mass than a car

Buy two Model Y or up to 50 Teslabots
If more expensive (cheap car) then 8 bots = 2 Model Y

Teslabots to mine Mars and build the supply chain and the products will unlock the Mars economy

A smaller side effect of a fully developed Mars enabled by SpaceX and Tesla, would mean stock valuation for Tesla and SpaceX as high as $10 million per share in the 2060-2100 timeframe.