More AI Breakthroughs and Reaching AGI

Google released a Large Language Model PaLM 2 which is competitive with OpenAI’s GPT 4. Google also announced they are already training Gemini which is a GPT 5 competitor. Gemeni likely use TPU v5 chips. Benchmarks for PaLM-2 beats GPT 4. They use SmartGPT-like techniques to boost performance. PaLM 2 beats even Google Translate, due …

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Google Announces Palm-2 and BARD as a New GPT-4 Competitors at Google IO 2023

Google’s CEO has announced that Google will be an AI first company. They are adding generative AI to all of their products including search, maps, gmail and workspace. Google announces Palm-2 which powers an improved BARD as a new GPT-4 competitors. Palm-2 is integrated into 25 Google products. BARD can handle over 20 programming languages. …

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