IEET Fellow Mike Treder Has been Missing Since March 14

The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies Fellow Mike Treder has been missing since March 14, 2012 since he went to a conference in Detroit. No one in his family has heard from him or been able to contact him.

Mike was at the 55th Annual Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit 2011-2012 which was held at the Cobo Center in Detroit from 3/13 to 3/17.

If you have any information that might help us find Mike please contact J. Hughes at

He stopped answering calls or checking his email on Wednesday and never made it on the return flight. The area around the conference center is apparently one of the safer places in Detroit, and the family is calling the hotel to try to figure out where he might have been staying. Local hospitals don’t have a Mike Treder or John Doe, and we haven’t seen any crime reports that sound linked.

Unfortunately AT&T said Mike’s phone does not have the GPS tracking ability. Marianne is still pursuing phone records, and what cell towers it was last used from. It is also still a mystery why he was attending that conference. There were no speakers and he wasn’t a judge. He had been vetting job opportunities, so perhaps he was there to explore one.

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