80 year old billionaires are injecting Placental stem cells to boost lifespan and health

Injecting Placental stem cells into old mice at the end of their lives can boost longevity by 50% 30-40%. It extends the life of 2-year-old mice to three years.

Diamandis in the video from 3:30-4:30 minutes: you take the placenta so that mice. you convert it to dosages of stem cells that you then give to that mouse at the 6end of its life like in this case typically a twenty six month old Mouse. you will extend that Mouse life another 30-40% and you add another year on it. [Work down by Dr. Bob Murray, co-founder of Celularity.

Peter Diamandis states that he personally knows billionaires who are over the age of eighty who go to foreign stem cell treatment clinics injections Placental stem cells.

Stem cells from Placentas and the newborn blood.

Peter Diamandis co-founded that startup Celuarity to created placental stem cell antiaging treatments.

In February, 2018, Celularity raised $250 million in funding to deliver treatments for cancer, inflammatory and degenerative diseases, and functional regeneration.

Celularity sources, develops, and deploys transformative therapies derived from the placenta for treatment of complex medical conditions including hematological and solid tumors, autoimmune disease, diabetes, as well as degenerative effects of aging. By combining synergistic assets from Celgene, United Therapeutics, Sorrento Therapeutics, and Human Longevity Inc., Celularity is accelerating the development of cell and tissue regenerative products to address unmet medical needs. These treatments have the potential to reverse life-threatening diseases and extend the healthy human lifespan.

* First proprietary allogeneic “off-the-shelf” immunotherapeutic platform
* Proprietary clinical stage Placental Natural Killer (PNK) Cell Program
* IND-ready CD38 CAR-T program
* Innovative allogeneic CD38 CAR NK program
* Phase 3-ready placental adherent cell products for serious Crohn’s Disease
* Sorrento Therapeutics G-MAB™ Library of 50+ fully-human antibody-CAR constructs
* Unparalleled IP position: 800+ issued patents in cell therapy and regenerative medicine; dominating position worldwide for placental stem cells
* World-class cell and biomaterials manufacturing capabilities
* Commercial-stage functional regeneration products Biovance® and Interfyl®, and late-stage pipeline assets across broad disease indications
* LifeBankUSA, pioneering stem cell biobanking business with two decades’ operating expertise

Celularity is built on three key pillars: Cell Therapy, Functional Regeneration, and Biosourcing:

* Cell Therapy: Celularity has developed five clinical stage cell therapy candidates currently being evaluated for cancer, and immunological and degenerative diseases
* Functional Regeneration: Celularity is addressing serious wounds, burns, orthopedic, and other surgical indications including reconstructive and aesthetic applications with a broad range of placental biomaterials. Derived from placental tissue, Celularity’s BIOVANCE® and Interfyl® were the first biomaterial products introduced to the market to enhance the body’s regenerative processes
* Biosourcing: Celularity owns and operates LifeBankUSA, the world’s only repository that allows families to bank their newborn’s placental cells and biomaterials for future therapeutic and regenerative use

Clinics for placental stem treatments at $25000-40,000 per treatment

There are websites that discuss placenta stem cell treatments in overseas medical clinics.

One technique to implant placenta stem cells was devised by Dr. Omar Gonzalez of the Integrative Medical Center in Mexico. Once the anesthesia has begun to work, the physician then makes small incisions in which to place the placental stem cell implants. The placental tissue is placed within the incision and then closed up with a suture. Results to the stem cell implants are seen anywhere from 24 hours, though it takes about six months to one year for the placental tissue to be fully absorbed by the body. The physician might also decide to give stem cell injections at different locations on the body to increase the positive effects of the implant procedure.

Benefits of Placenta Stem Cell Therapies

Undergoing stem cell therapy is ideal for anyone who suffers from numerous medical issues or ailments and has not seen results in other methodology treatment plans. Painless and effective, placental stem cell therapy has been shown to drastically improve many medical conditions. Many ethicists and physicians agree that placental stem cells are ethical since the newborn baby no longer needs it, and it is traditionally discarded after birth. Stem cells offer a renewable source of new cells for the body to replace and treat many medical issues.

Cost of Placenta Stem Cell Therapies

Stem Cell therapy treatments are not yet approved in the United States. China prices are generally about $40,000 and placenta stem cell treatments in India are approximately $25,000. Costs in Mexico are also about $25,000.

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  1. Recent discoveries have shown that it’s not so much the length of the telomere that matters, it’s the ability to maintain a loop shape at the end. It’s once the loop structure is undone that things come undone, and the shortening is what indirectly causes that.

  2. Telomere strengthening doesnt work. I know, I was a consultant to Telomolecular BioPharmaceuticals Inc. I was in charge of an R&D program to manufacture telomeres.

  3. Why not your own cells reset? I don’t think I would want anyone else’s cells. First, they would probably all be attacked by my immune system and killed. Second, it is not me. Third, these should be saved and frozen for the baby they belong to for when they might need it.

    Now if selling half to old farts enables the parents to save the other half for when the baby might need it, where they would not be able to afford that otherwise? OK, fine. I still doubt it works for the old farts.

  4. “Painless and effective, placental stem cell therapy has been shown to drastically improve many medical conditions. ”

    Hardly! I’ve had the treatment and it hurt like hell. It shoots millions of cells into your hip muscle. My friend and I were in wheelchairs for several days afterwards.

  5. How do they ensure the foreign stem cells are accepted by the transplant recipient? I thought one can only receive stem cells that are related to oneself (ie. genetically compatible)

  6. Wait – are these placentas coming from just anybody? Shouldn’t there be an issue of tissue rejection when somebody else’s cells are transplanted inside you?

    I remember once reading that even a person’s baby teeth can be a significant source of stem cells, although obviously not to the same extent as placentas.

    At least billionaires may be helping to pave the way for the rest of us commonfolk. Hopefully their lifespans will lengthen enough to prove out the concept.

  7. “Many ethicists and physicians agree that placental stem cells are ethical since the newborn baby no longer needs it, and it is traditionally discarded after birth. ”
    So this implies that there are ethicists and physicians who do NOT agree that placental stem cells are ethical?
    Well that explains the two ANGRY votes for this story.

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