My predictions article List of article that shows why I made predictions of various topics: basis for my molecular nanotechnology predictionsSpace prediction relatedRobotics and other prediction relatedFuture materials relatedLongevity and future medicine relatedFooling the senses and fake reality relatedQuantum computer relatedEnergy relatedCommunication relatedFuturist relatedStatistics about the world now part IStatistics part II New added references:Open …

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Other tech: Super-efficient CMOS can use 500 times less energy

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology announce energy savings by a factor of more than 500 in simulations with their ultra energy efficient embedded architecture based on Probabilistic CMOS (PCMOS). The research team’s PCMOS devices take advantage of noise, currently fabricated at the quarter-micron (0.25 micron) level, and uses probability to extract great energy …

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Molecular motors rotates objects 10,000 times its size

This is a further advance along light actuated molecular motion. Ben Feringa and colleagues used a molecule with a central carbon-carbon double bond that functioned as an axle. The upper part of the molecule acted as a rotor while the lower part was the stator. The team added the molecules to a liquid crystal film …

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pre-nano: Follow up on European robots

This site had already pointed out the european mini-robot work. That work has now been covered by the MIT technology review. The work is interesting because it is system work at the macro scale that tries to integrate with manipulation at smaller scales. Currently the smaller scale is at the micro level of biological cells …

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Nanomedicine related: Nanoparticles make biocompatible capsules

University of Illinois scientists say they’ve developed an innovative strategy of mixing lipids and nanoparticles to produce new drug delivery vehicles. The hollow, deformable and biofunctional capsules could be used in drug delivery, colloidal-based biosensors and enzyme-catalyzed reactions.

other tech: Supercomputer communication at 25 Gbps

NEC’s new technology has achieved a transmission speed of 25 gigabits per second, 40 times faster than the Earth Simulator, the fastest supercomputer at present in Japan, which has a transmission speed of 0.5 gigabits per second The technology uses a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser capable of huge transmissions of data between a central processing unit …

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Just cause its cool: 100 inch TV

Some electronics while not world changing are just cool, like 100 inch and bigger televisions This 100 inch LCD from LG has 6.22 megapixels which is more than matsushita’s 103 inch 2 megapixel plasma

Other tech: Advancing towards Z machine plasma Fusion

Sandia’s Z machine has produced plasmas that exceed temperatures of 2 billion degrees Kelvin — hotter than the interiors of stars. The unexpectedly hot output, if its cause were understood and harnessed, could eventually mean that smaller, less costly nuclear fusion plants would produce the same amount of energy as larger plants. The higher temperature …

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