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astronomyKeck Planet Finder spectrometer upgrade is underway

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The Keck Planet Finder telescope might start operating in 2019. It will be used to discover exoplanets, particularly around nearby, bright stars and will excel at measuring the masses of planets discovered by transiting programs such as Kepler, TESS, and …

exoplanetChemical rockets will not be enough for civilizations around low-mass stars

Habitable exoplanets around low-mass stars could be the most common type of habitable planets. Chemical rockets could be inadequate for many of these exoplanets.

exoplanetMegapixel imaging and Spectroscopy of an exoplanet with a Solar Gravity Lens Mission

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Slava Turyshev of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory proposes to study a mission to the deep regions outside the solar system that will exploit the remarkable optical properties of the Solar Gravitational Lens (SGL) focus to effectively build an astronomical telescope …

astronomyUltrafast laser pulses used to efficiently independently manipulate energy levels of electron pairs and this is progress to faster valleytronics computing

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Valleytronics is exciting as a potential avenue to quantum computing. Like spintronics, valleytronics offers a tremendous advantage in data processing speeds over the electrical charge used in classical electronics. “In valleytronics, electrons move through the lattice of a 2D semiconductor …

astronomySpacex could relaunch a first stage booster in March and is working towards dozens of reuses to eventually lower costs by up to 50+ percent

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Elon Musk indicates that about 75 percent of the vehicle’s costs are in the first stage booster. After a test-firing in late January, 2017 one the boosters that have been successfully landed by Spacex is now being transported to Cape …

astronomyGenetically modified bacteria could create biocement

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A team of scientists from Newcastle and Northumbria universities, led by architecture academic Dr Martyn Dade-Robertson, are investigating how they can create a new kind of material – biocement – where engineered cells react to changes in the environment and …

astronomyWorld Nuclear Energy in 2016 and plans through 2050

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Here is a 32 page report on world nuclear energy performance as of 2016 and it has a special Asia update The International Energy Agency 2DS (2°C Scenario, Figure 2) envisages a substantial increase in the contribution from nuclear energy, …

astronomyTaiwan has its first female President

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Taiwan appears to have its first female President, in a landmark election that could unsettle relations with Beijing. Eric Chu, the Nationalist Party candidate in Taiwan’s presidential election conceded defeat late Saturday and congratulated rival Tsai Ing-wen to her victory …

astronomy3D printed 120 micron long microfish with microject engines could be efficient bloodstream robots

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California, San Diego used an innovative 3D printing technology they developed to manufacture multipurpose fish-shaped microrobots — called microfish — that swim around efficiently in liquids, are chemically powered by hydrogen peroxide and magnetically controlled. These proof-of-concept synthetic microfish will …

astronomyChina’s LENR is getting excess 600 watts of heat from 780 watts of input power

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Songsheng Jiang, Ni-H Research Group of the China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing, China has low energy nuclear reaction results. The experiment set-up with powder fuels (Ni + 10%(in weight)LiAlH4) is 20 grams filled in a nickel cell,located in the …