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disasterIndonesia Tsunami warning was lifted too early

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Indonesia’s geophysics agency lifted a tsunami warning 34 minutes after issuing it following a major 7.5 earthquake that sent huge waves crashing into the north-eastern coast of Sulawesi island. The Indonesia earthquake and tsunami death toll is now over 830. …

asiaBig earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia

Ten-foot to twenty foot tsunami waves were triggered by a 7.5 earthquake in Indonesia on Friday. At least 420 people have been reported dead in the city of Palu. The number of casualties will likely rise into the thousands.

chinaChina and Russia looking at 27 floating nuclear reactors but ThorCon and Indonesia could scale to 100 per year

Floating nuclear power plants offer several economic advantages. A large percentage of the cost of a nuclear power plant is the construction and installation of the plant itself. This cost can vary and increase if the site has challenging weather …

asiaIndonesia progressing to an experimental small modular nuclear reactor

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Indonesia’s National Atomic Energy Agency (Batan) has launched a roadmap for developing a detailed engineering design for its Experimental Power Reactor. Batan launched a plan in 2014 to build an 10 MWt RDE at its largest research center site – …

asiaIndonesia has rapidly growing energy needs and they are looking to nuclear energy

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Indonesia needs to double its electricity generation capacity over the next ten years, and continue that expansion beyond 2050, to improve access to electricity and meet the demand of its growing economy and population. Indonesia’s National Atomic Energy Agency (Batan) …

aseanAsian economies out to 2030, India third place world economy by 2028

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Japan Center for Economic Research has forecasted the Asian economies out to 2030. The center released its third Medium-Term Asian Economic Forecast for 2017 through 2030. The report, titled “Digital Asia 5.0 — Innovation changes economic power relationship,” puts the …

energyPotential of Thorium Nuclear Energy

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Imagine a form of nuclear energy with greater output and virtually no safety issues. Such is the promise of liquid flouride thorium reactors (LFTRs), and we’ve had several past interviews with thorium expert Kirk Sorensen to discuss their potential: Kirk …

energyNuclear thorium molten salt experiments started in Europe

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Researchers at NRG, a Dutch nuclear materials firm, have begun the first tests of nuclear fission using thorium salts since experiments ended at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the early 1970s. Thorium has several advantages over uranium, the fuel that …

canadaHarvard projects 7.7% annual GDP growth from now to 2025 for India

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The Center for International Development at Harvard University (CID) has GDP growth projections from now to 2025. Canada and Japan have surprisingly high average GDP growth from 2017 to 2025. If China were to maintain 1.54% more growth than the …

asiaUnidentified Giant sea creature washes up in Indonesia

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The carcass of a giant sea creature has washed up in Indonesia. It was originally thought to be a type of giant squid but it seems to have bones and a fin. This would suggest it is some kind of …