Scientific Progress to Radical Antiaging, Aubrey Sees 50+% of Longevity Escape Velocity by 2035

Antiaging expert Aubrey de Grey says antiaging science is considerably closer to robust mouse rejuvenation than we were 10 years ago and the gap between the achievement of robust mouse rejuvenation and the achievement of robust human rejuvenation is also coming down quite fast.

Aubrey de Grey is the co-founder of the SENS research foundation and its Chief Science Officer. He has helped launch several antiaging startups. He has been at the center the antiaging and aging reversal industry. He reviews all of the major science and gets insight into all of the antiaging companies.

The chance of somebody alive today benefiting from the Methuselarity and never getting sick as a result of how long ago they were born, that chance is much higher than 50%. It’s probably 80% or 90%. At this point, the chance of someone who is let’s say, 53, of reaching that is probably 40 or 50%.

If this longevity escape velocity is achieved in 2035 then within 15 years after that these treatments will be free and widely available to all people. The reason that Aubrey believes this would be the case is that it will be too expensive for countries to maintain a medical system without giving away antiaging.

Aubrey is seeing great results with the combination of stem cells and senolytics. Senolytics is removing zombie cells from the body. Stem cells are generating new cells.

SOURCES- Longevity Technology, Aubrey De Grey
Written By Brian Wang,