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elon muskSpaceX BFR will make multi-trillion dollar space industry by 2030

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ULA had a vision for $2.7 trillion space industry by 2045 which would be an expansion by eight times from the $330 billion industry today. The accelerated pace of SpaceX launch vehicles will accelerate space mining, high-speed internet satellites and …

3dSpacefab bootstrapping higher resolution space telescopes and then manufacturing in space at asteroids

Spacefab is currently building ther Waypoint space telescope with a 21 centimeter mirror. It is launching as a co-payload on a SpaceX rocket in 2019. This commercial telescope will have an image intensified ultraviolet and visible camera, and a 48 …

constructionMade in space also working on robotic manufacturing of large structures in space

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Made In Space is putting 3D printing into space and is working on other space based manufacturing. They are looking to make large light structures as well. They call these systems Archinaut. It is an alternative approach to the Tether …