artificial intelligenceAI: Two-way Recommendation Systems #TCRobotics

A two-way recommendation system will enable great advances in music and other kinds of business. Top recommenders can be monetized and millions of jobs could be created at scale. #TCRobotics

artificial intelligenceWhat happens after the Industrial Robot-lution? #TCRobotics

Two centuries after the Industrial Revolution, robotics and deep learning are creating another paradigm shift in manufacturing. As more parts of production become automated, what will human workers gain and what will they lose? #TCRobotics

artificial intelligenceBuilding a Better Driver #TCRobotics

Autonomous vehicles can't be as good as human drivers. They need to be better. Aurora co-founder and CPO Sterling Anderson and Uber ATG Chief scientist Raquel Urtasun dig into the self-driving stack and how AI is used to help vehicles …

futureDeep Fakes With Synthetic Media #TCRobotics

AI-based tools are proving capable of fabricating or modifying imagery and audio in ways that are nearly indistinguishable from reality. #TCRobi

brainPig’s Brain Partially Restored Hours After Death

Circulation and cellular activity were restored in a pig’s brain four hours after its death which challenges long-held assumptions about the timing and irreversible nature of the cessation of some brain functions after death. This may help doctors find ways …