spaceCanaveral Crew Dragon Post-Explosion Issues for SpaceX

The Cape Canaveral landing zone needs to be preserved for the post-explosion investigation work. There are pieces of the Crew Dragon around the landing site.

gene editingCRISPR Gene Editing Expanding Pre-clinical Studies Beyond Mice and Fruit Flies

Adding or removing genes in new animals and plants means that we will have a better understanding of the biosphere and potentially create animal models that more are more accurate than mice at predicting what will happen with humans.

artificial intelligenceTesla Autonomy Software

Tesla Autonomy Investor Day described their software. Tesla has a shadow mode where they can compare alternative software algorithms against the current software. Tesla will only proceed from shadow mode to early adopter software rollout if the Shadow Mode software …

artificial intelligenceElon Predicts that in the Future People Will Demand No Human Drivers

Elon Musk Predicts that in the future people will demand that there be no human drivers. This will make it inevitable that steering wheels will be removed from safe full self-driving cars. The steering wheels will be removed.

moonCarnival of Space 608

The Carnival of Space 608 is up at Everyday Spacer

nasaSpaceX Crew Dragon Had a Problem

SpaceX Crew Dragon Had a Problem