nasaSpaceX Crew Dragon Had a Problem

SpaceX Crew Dragon Had a Problem

futureBreakthrough Starshot Update #SpaceAccess2019

Peter Klupar is presenting on Breakthrough Starshot at Access Space 2019. Peter reviewed the Breakthrough initiatives, Breakthrough prize, Breakthrough Listen and the Junior Breakthrough challenge. Breakthough Watch looks at exoplanets up to 15 light years away. The

physicsMass Beam Propulsion

Gerald Nordley provided a mass beam propulsion overview at Space Access 2019. There have been many kinds of mass beam propulsion. Use of mass beams, instead of light, allows great efficiency by adjusting the beam velocity so the redirected mass …

newsUltrahigh Acceleration Neutral Particle Beam Driven Sails

James Benford presents his Ultrahigh Acceleration Neutral Particle Beam-Driven Sails at Space Access 2019. The Neutral Particle Beam-Driven Sails could enable an interstellar probe to alpha centauri that would be 1000 times larger and 60% of the speed of the …

energyAntimatter Catalyzed Fusion Propulsion Update

Positron Dynamics will use Krypton isotopes to generate positrons and catalyze fusion propulsion. #SpaceAccess2019

physicsUpdate on Microwave Beam-Heated Propulsion

Kevin Parkin described the history and status of microwave beam-heated propulsion at Space Access 2019. Technical summary is at Parkin Research. Kevin showed more pictures of the test systems. Kevin gave a previous update on beam propulsion in 2018 at …

newsQ Drive to Use Power of Solar Wind for Braking With Reaction Mass

Jeff's new idea is to take the energy from the passage through the plasma of space to use on the reaction mass that a spacecraft is carrying. This the Drag-powered reaction: Q-Drive. #SpaceAccess

electric sailThrust Vectoring of an Electric Solar Wind Sail

The electric solar wind sail is a propulsion system that uses the solar wind proton flow as a source of momentum for spacecraft thrust. The momentum of the solar wind is transferred to the spacecraft by electrically charged light-weight tethers …

energyKorea Completes 1340 MWe Nuclear Reactor

Korea has started a new 1350 MWe Shin Kori 4 reactor and will connect it to the electricity grid at the end of this month. It is the second APR-1400 reactor to start up of a planned global fleet of …