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antiagingPersonal CRISPR genetic experimentation

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Tristan Roberts is injecting himself with a previously an untested, experimental gene therapy. Several individuals have publicly attempted to augment themselves with genes that will inhibit cell death or boost muscle growth, and self-experimentation is also happening in private. Brian …

crisprRNA editing with CRISPR-Cas13

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New Broad Institute ‘REPAIR’ system edits RNA, rather than DNA; has potential to treat diseases without permanently affecting the genome. The Broad Institute and MIT scientists who first harnessed CRISPR for mammalian genome editing have engineered a new molecular system …

crisprFive ways to apply CRISPR gene editing

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CRISPR gene-editing technology has the potential to treat—and possibly cure—any number of diseases and there are currently five ways it can be delivered into humans. This is a summary of some information from an article at MIT Technology Review Emily …